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Rep. Ilhan Omar’s Divorce Finalized, Officially Single


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11:21 AM PT — dailygawk.com just got a hold of Rep. Omar’s finalized divorce docs, and it looks like she’ll be handling most of the heavy lifting there in D.C.

Omar and Hirsi have agreed to joint legal and physical custody of their 3 kids, but they note the children will attend school in the nation’s capital where Mom works. Omar also says she’ll cover the kids’ medical insurance and any related out-of-pocket expenses herself — including schooling, extracurricular activities and other miscellaneous costs.

She’s also agreed to pay for the kids’ travel to and from Minnesota whenever they go visit Dad. Each parent gets to keep their own cars and bank accounts, and they’re covering their own attorneys’ fees.

Rep. Ilhan Omar is a single woman now in the eyes of the law — and she got there in record time too!!!

The freshman Minnesota Congresswoman — who’s part of the so-called “Squad” — just had her divorce case adjudicated in her home state — where a judge signed off on her split from now-ex-hubby Ahmed Hirsi … who’s also the father of her 3 minor children.

The details regarding custody arrangements, child and spousal support and everything else weren’t made immediately clear.

Rep. Omar filed for divorce just over 30 days ago … so it’s wild her petition has already been granted. You’ll recall, in her initial court docs … she wanted a judge to deny spousal support to either person but was down for joint legal and physical custody of the kids.

She wanted the court to decide who should get child support.

This is Omar’s second marriage — she was previously married to a guy named Ahmed Elmi, whom she split from in 2011, and finalized her divorce in 2017. She then legally married Hirsi just last year after an on-again-off-again relationship spanning years.

Now, they’re over … and she’s back on the market.

Originally Published — 10:35 AM PT

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