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20 Outfit Ideas That’ll Make You Wish It Would Rain More Often


Rain has a bad habit of putting a damper on a lot of things. In fact, I would be lying if I said that it hasn’t, on more than one occasion, forced me to reconsider my carefully planned ensembles, sometimes only leaving me with a few too short minutes to change into a cute, rainproof outfit. Since being late for work or dinner because of rain-related fashion emergencies isn’t ideal, I recently decided to find a solution to this problem. The good news? Looking cute in the rain is way easier than I thought.
As it turns out, stylish waterproof outfit ideas had been right under my nose this whole time — well, right under my thumb, to be precise. Sure, fashion bloggers, influencers, models, and stars are often used as inspiration for their adorable Summer outfits, but despite rarely posing for outfit pictures under the rain (which is, well, perfectly understandable) they can also be a great source of ideas for when the weather turns gray.
From stalking following them online, I’ve learned that a good rainy day outfit needs to include some kind of outerwear that will protect your clothes while showing them off in all their glory, boots that will keep your feet from getting wet, a good old trench coat, or chic leather pieces that won’t get ruined by water. Sounds too easy to be true? Just read on for 20 outfits that are so effortless, they’ll make you wish it would rain more often.

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