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Wet Tuna : Water Weird : Aquarium Drunkard

Matt Valentine and Pat Gubler (AKA PG Six) are back with an additional serving of deep fried psychedelic hijinks — six messily brilliant jams that sprawl, skronk and choogle their way to heady heaven. Water Weird is Wet Tuna’s second right complete length (even though there are many official bootlegs out there for the grokking), and it sees the duo bringing some buddies into the mix — John Moloney (drums), S. Freyer Esq. (drums/percussion), and Jim Bliss (bass) amongst them. But the true pleasure right here is the strange chemistry among Valentine and Gubler. These guys have been playing with each other for decades now, and the interplay is each absolutely free-flowing and locked-in, no matter if they’re sauntering dangerously down Shakedown Street on “Disco Bev” or rambling acoustically on the appropriately titled “Roam,” which drifts along smoke-ring-like for practically 10 minutes, closing Water Weird out on a deliciously stoney note. words / t wilcox

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