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The Masked Singer: Skeleton Is Paul Shaffer, Who Reveals David Letterman Recognized Him Right away

That clanging collection of bones on The Masked Singer turned out to be Paul Shaffer, music impresario and former music director for David Letterman on Late Show with David Letterman. Even calling Shaffer Dave’s musical director is limiting, since though that is accurate he’s also completed a lot, a lot additional, which includes performing on Broadway, becoming the bandleader for Saturday Evening Reside in the late ’70s, and functioning with The Blues Brothers all just before he joined Late Evening.
His association with Letterman was 1 of the principal clues in his 1st package, although, when he referred to himself as a sidekick. And when he performed “Are You Gonna Be My Girl” against Black Widow, we had been lastly conscious who was beneath the costume. Here’s what Shaffer had to say about “dying” on the show.
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How would you describe your voice? Shaffer: I am a guy with a lot of feeling who desires to get the feeling out, but has a sort of… I am no Ariana Grande. On Letterman, I was the sort of ‘straight man’ and I could sing in essential and hold a note but everyone knew I wasn’t pretending to Adam Levine. I was just undertaking it for laughs. I adore my R&ampB and rock. Some would say my sound is nasal.
Yes! I entirely believed you had been Charlie Sheen for a minute, with the gruff voice, and the truth that you had been a skeleton who claimed to have been about the block a though. Did you see the guesses about you? What did you feel of them?Shaffer: I did not know there was huge controversy [producers] had place a quantity on a tombstone and it was the quantity of episodes I did on Letterman. And a guy began tweeting ‘You got it incorrect,’ factoring in specials or practice shows or some thing. I never know [the actual number] — I am not certain I can bear in mind — but that guessing is aspect of the exciting.
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1 of your huge clues mentioned you had been tired of playing second fiddle, which is shocking to me taking into consideration your extended list of achievements. Do you nevertheless really feel that way? And do you want you had accepted the function of George Costanza on Seinfeld ? That would’ve created you well-known for certain.Shaffer: I never really feel that way at all. I was on national Television each evening. I was, some would say, second fiddle, some would say straight man. It really is a hell of position. I would get my licks in though he had the complete duty of the show. I could just groove. How ideal. And since of that show I got to do all these excellent issues. The Seinfeld aspect was early in the history of Letterman. I had no aid. I was overwhelmed answering calls… I looked at that message and mentioned what type of cockamamie show is that? Properly, the answer is the most beloved show in the history of tv. It was 1 of these crazy issues exactly where, I never want to say I am kicking myself but… Letterman was ideal. I got to play music and improvise with him.
How was going via the safety protocols? Shaffer: The safety aspect is so crazy. They take it seriously. They have you sequestered. When you stroll halls you cannot let everyone see your wrists or ankles. … You get in the rehearsal area and you place your head on so the dancers never know who you are. You never speak to them and then abruptly you are on stage in front of the audience. The entire factor is surreal.
Did you have to lie to everyone like Dr. Drew did?Shaffer: I told no 1 but my family members and a couple of individuals, and these individuals had to sign a [non-disclosure agreement]. We all took it extremely seriously. My daughter is in the business enterprise and all her good friends are saying ‘Is that your dad? Why is your dad in LA all the time? Letterman, my old boss for 30 years, he named me up and mentioned ‘I know how these issues function. You never have to say something. I know how you stroll.’ I did not say something. I mentioned I could neither confirm nor deny.
The Masked SingerPhoto: Fox
The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at eight/7c on Fox.

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