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Priyanka Chopra Not Fan of Jonas Brothers Before Marrying Nick Jonas



During a sit-down with Jimmy Fallon, the ‘Quantico’ actress admits that she didn’t listen to JoBros’ music before her relationship with the youngest member of the band.

Oct 12, 2019

AceShowbiz – Priyanka Chopra didn’t become a fan of her husband Nick Jonas’ family band until after she married him.
The “Baywatch” actress tied the knot with the Jonas Brothers singer and actor last year and admits she knew very little about his music before they got together and while they were courting.

“I’m going to get killed for saying this, but before I got married and before I started dating Nick, I didn’t know too much about the euphoria that is the Jonas Brothers,” she revealed during a Thursday, October 19 night appearance on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon”.
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Priyanka is now a huge fan of the music trio and she understands why they’re so popular.
“When I started going to their concerts, just seeing like 30,000 people singing every lyric… I’m a full groupie now,” she laughed.

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