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Little Giants, 25 Years Later: What the Stars Are Up to Now

Amblin Entertainment/Entertainment Pictures/ZUMAPRESS.com, David Livingston/Getty Images
Fact: Icebox is one of the most underrated female characters from the ’90s. Shawna played the tomboy Becky (but call her Icebox, obviously!), whose dad starts the Giants after her Uncle Kevin won’t let her play on the Cowboys because she’s a girl…even though she’s one of the best players.
“I think the message was really strong with little girls, and it really means a lot to me when I hear things from people that affected them,” Shawna recently told ESPN of the response she’s received from young girls.
After winning the big game (and landing the guy), Shawna’s next high-profile role was playing Michael Douglas’ daughter in the movie The American President before she went on to star on the TV series Ladies Man.
Since then, Shawna, 37, starred in 2008’s Poison Ivy: The Secret Society and appeared in several horror films, most recently starring in Teacher, though she’s still most recognized for her time as Ice Box.
I thought it would fade into obscurity, but it just kind of stuck around,” she told ESPN.

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