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Iceland to Reimburse 25% of Expenses for Music Recorded There – EDM.com

The Icelandic government has unveiled “Record in Iceland,” an initiative developed to reimburse artists who record music in the nation.

The Icelandic government is supplying an incentive for artists hunting to record new music. If an international artist cuts a track in Iceland, the government will reimburse 25% of the charges accrued in the procedure. The reimbursements contain the common studio charges as properly as travel and lodging.  
The new initiative, named Record in Iceland, was spearheaded by Iceland Music, the governmental organization devoted to music exports. In a quote obtained by Billboard, Iceland Music Managing Director Sigtryggur Baldursson explained the new initiative and why they are supplying the reimbursements. “Till now, these studios have been some thing of a hidden secret, but our aim with Record in Iceland is to open these facilities to a far wider variety of international artists and firms, and to make them a compelling industrial proposition,” he mentioned.
Iceland Music released a brief video providing an overview of the plan and enabling some artists to share their excitement for the initiative.
For much more info on Record in Iceland and to apply for a reimbursement, you can head more than to the official web-site for the plan right here. 

There is also a Q&ampA packet obtainable on the web that goes into additional detail on some of the finer information of the plan. You can view the packet right here.

H/T: Billboard

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