Hilarious Twitter thread sees people imagining Barbie’s darkest secrets

Meet Bondage Barbie! Hilarious viral Twitter thread sees users exposing all of the iconic doll’s ‘dark secrets’, from her involvement in the college bribery scandal to her VERY X-rated hobbiesAn adults-only thread about Barbie’s dubious, imaginary alter ego went viralBarbie’s supposed antics include botched plastic surgery, a murder spree and a Driving Under the Influence conviction Users shared their own confessions about beheading and burying their childhood Barbies By Freya Drohan For Dailymail.com Published: 17:37 EDT, 11 July 2019 | Updated: 17:42 EDT, 11 July 2019 Life is plastic, it’s fantastic – but there might be a murky side to Barbie that you didn’t know about, until now.Thanks to a new viral Twitter hashtag, many Barbie lovers will likely be unable to look at the iconic doll in the same way ever again, after laying eyes on her very X-rated ‘dark secrets’ that are now being exposed by cheeky social media users.  Using the trending hashtag #BarbiesDarkSecrets, users are weighing in with all manner of dubious scenes that contradict the doll’s picture-perfect image.  NSFW Barbie: Twitter users are making up and exposing Barbie’s ‘dark secrets’ as part of a hilarious new hashtag Surprise! Using the hashtag #BarbiesDarkSecrets, users are posting images and comments about the doll’s supposedly dark side   Goodness! A number of the images posted see Barbie posed in compromising situations Since 1959, Barbie has been a toy box staple for young children. However, now adults are enjoying the fun, revealing their own dark and macabre thoughts about what the plastic figurine might be getting up to when kids are asleep. A tweet about Barbie with botched Botox gained traction after a Dutch user named posted it to the platform. Similarly, X-rated jokes were made about Barbie’s fictional sex life and antics. In a hilarious Photoshopped image, Barbie (real name Barbara Millicent Roberts) is seen in scenarios like sunbathing post-kids, tweeting from the toilet and on a bloody, killing spree. While many users shared a glimpse into the Mattel doll’s shady alter-ego, some people revealed their own ‘dark secrets’.  Altered: Twitter users took to the platform to share their imagined versions of iconic children’s toy Barbie Modern: Tweeters super imposed Barbie dolls in hilarious situations, sharing them with the hashtag Barbie’s Dark Secrets  Beware: Barbie’s partner Ken fared particularly bad as the Internet let its imagination run wild in the viral thread, Barbie’s Dark Secrets’Confession: My parents don’t know that they live on an actual burial ground of all the barbies I beheaded and buried. That’s my Dark Barbie Secret,’ a tweeter named Riot Girl revealed. Meanwhile, an Austin, Texas-based social media account said, ‘Her head comes off but won’t go back on. What? I’m talking about the doll. I was a tomboy and thought it was funny at the time.’ Many digs at the iconic toy were also fired.  ‘Barbie is definitely the type of rich widow, who’s ex husbands all died under mysterious circumstances,’ read one.   Icon: Under the viral hashtag Barbie’s Dark Secrets, the toy appears in multiple, imagined shady situation Even in 2019, as the doll reaches her 60th anniversary, 30 Barbies are sold every hour in the United States. The iconic toy hasn’t come without controversy. In 2015, Mattel responded to decades of criticism and launched ‘diverse’ Barbies. New body types (petite, tall, curvy), a wheelchair-using Barbie, a doll with a prosthetic limb, ‘strong’ Barbie with a smaller bust and more defined arms, as well as Barbies with different natural hair textures have all been debuted in recent years.  Adults only: Barbie is imagined in scandalous scenarios in the thread Barbie’s Dark Secrets Rose: In one hilarious image, a user positioned Barbie in a scenario inspired by the infamous Titanic nude drawing scene She works hard for the money: Several tweets made digs at Barbie being an exotic dancer Life as Ken: Barbie’s long-time partner Ken also became the butt of the joke in the #BarbiesDarkSecrets thread 

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