Mel Watts bathes her daughter Indie, 3, in BREAST MILK to help treat her eczema

Mother reveals she bathes her daughter, 3, in BREAST milk to help treat her painful eczema – but not everyone’s convinced it worksA mum-of-four has revealed how she found a way to treat her child’s eczema Mel Watts tried everything to help Indie’s condition but nothing seemed to work Decided to bathe her three-year-old girl and noticed skin was instantly smooth By Emilia Mazza For Daily Mail Australia Published: 23:48 EDT, 10 July 2019 | Updated: 03:32 EDT, 11 July 2019 A mother-of-four claims bathing her toddler in breast milk has helped alleviate her painful, dry eczema – but not everyone thinks the unconventional treatment works.  Mel Watts, from the Central Coast, New South Wales, said she tried everything, including bleach baths and prescription creams to treat her three-year-old daughter Indie’s condition – but nothing worked.But after bathing her daughter in breast milk she got from a donated supplier, the mummy blogger said she noticed her child’s skin was instantly soft and smooth. ‘Indie was so excited to have a bath in “boobie milk”… I mean you try everything right?’ the 33-year-old captioned in the Instagram post.’Try it in the bath for your babes, her skin is so smooth.’  Mel Watts said she treated her three-year-old daughter Indie’s (pictured) painful eczema by bathing her in breast milk and water The mother said her daughter had suffered from eczema since she was three-months-old and that she’d tried everything to treat the conditionMel said she was able to find some relief for Indie, who has been suffering from itchy eczema since she was just three months old.The mother said the breast milk helped ease the dryness of her child’s irritating skin.’When you’re a mum you’ll do anything to give your child some relief,’ she told Kidspot.Two years ago, Indie was diagnosed with childhood eczema and psoriasis and since then she’d been on a regime of bleach baths and steroid cream.Mel said she had decided to try the breast milk solution after hearing a friend talk about the success they had with treating their child’s flare-ups.   Sfter bathing her daughter Indie (pictured together) in donated breast milk she got from a supplier, along with a tub of water, she noticed her skin was instantly soft and smooth  What causes eczema? * Eczema is caused by a person’s inability to repair damage to the skin barrier. * This is due to a mutation in the gene called filaggrin. Filaggrin is important for formation of the skin barrier. * Normally, every cell in the skin has two copies of the filaggrin gene. However, people who are susceptible to eczema only have one copy of this gene. Source: Better Health Channel    After sharing her remedy online, many parents revealed how they have used the ‘liquid gold’ to treat other health problems such as conjunctivitis. ‘I squirted it in my kids’ eyes when they had infections…. doctors orders! But I guess she is the expert,’ one woman said.Another said: ‘Breast milk in incredible. I have put it in my babies’ eyes when they have conjunctivitis. Worked a treat better than anything from the drugstore.’However, not everyone was impressed, with some critics saying Mel’s idea to bathe her daughter in breast milk was ‘stupid’ unsanitary’ and a ‘little offensive’.  Mel with her family (pictured) said the breast milk has offered some relief on her daughter According to Mel, Indie (pictured) is able to get some relief from the condition which causes dry, cracked and bleeding skinManaging director of My Midwives, Liz Wilkes, a midwife with 30 years experience, told Daily Mail Australia while breast milk has a range of anti-infective and anti-viral properties, there is no evidence that it’s a cure-all. ‘Many women do successfully use breast milk in a variety of ways to resolve infection and illness so it isn’t that bigger stretch to use it on babies skin to treat eczema,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.’But it is important to do this in the context of what is working and what isn’t and to seek further help if conditions are not resolving.’Ms Wilkes said she’d heard of mums ‘flaunting’ the benefits of breast milk to the point where they’d refused medical treatment for their child – something she cautioned parents against.’It is important to follow your instincts and if something is helping that’s great, but if it isn’t, you need to get further medical help,’ she said.

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