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Adam Sandler & Others React To Cameron Boyce’s Untimely Death

We’re still reeling this morning from Cameron Boyce‘s untimely and shocking death.
As we reported a few hours ago, the 20-year-old Disney star died in his sleep after apparently suffering some type of seizure; he had been working through an unspecified medical condition that apparently contributed to the seizure, and his unexpected death.
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Now, celebs and fans from all walks of life and all across the entertainment world are reacting to Boyce’s passing, with stars clearly upset over how young the talented actor was, and how much of a void his death will create in the entertainment world.
His co-star in the Grown Ups franchise, Adam Sandler, was quick to lament Boyce’s death on social media on Sunday morning, writing a very s passage on his official Instagram account along with a picture of the late young actor (below):

“Too young. Too s. Too funny. Just the nicest, most talented, and most decent kid around. Loved that kid. Cared so much about his family. Cared so much about the world. Thank you, Cameron, for all you gave to us. So much more was on the way. All our hearts are broken. Thinking of your amazing family and sending our deepest condolences.‬”

Very, very well said. And so touching, especially from a guy like Sandler, who has ben in the business a long time and lost his own fair share of contemporaries and friends along the way.
Sandler’s full IG post also showcased a stunning pic of Boyce, as you can see (below):

Very, very sad all around.
Fans and followers are flocking to the late young star’s pages on social media today, too, including this pic (below), which was Boyce’s final upload to Instagram just hours before his untimely death:

As you’d expect, fans and followers are leaving thousands of comments, all clearly shaken up by the star’s passing. Across social media, it isn’t just the celebs who have been hurt by this — fans of the young actor’s many projects are deeply distraught over the death.
Other celebs aside from Sandler are weighing in too, though, including this group (below):

So saddened to hear about the passing of such a young talented individual. I didn’t know him personally but he seemed like a great person. RIP Cameron Boyce. Some things don’t seem fair.. this pains me 😔♥️
— Grayson Dolan (@GraysonDolan) July 7, 2019

Absolutely heartbreaking, my heart goes out to his friends and family♥️ https://t.co/X8PAGo0Igi
— Zendaya (@Zendaya) July 7, 2019

I did not know Cameron Boyce personally, but it looks like he was someone who exuded wonderful, positive feelings and was a role model to many. Let his legacy live on and inspire millions more to carry themselves in the same way. He will be missed, but will still always be here.
— Charlie Puth (@charlieputh) July 7, 2019

Deeply saddened to hear about the passing of Cameron Boyce. When we met I was taken aback by his energy and drive, his dedication to his craft and the sheer kindness he exuded. It was a joy to witness the man’s skill. Sending love to his family and loved ones.
— Hozier (@Hozier) July 7, 2019

Our “Jessie” family has been devastated by the sad and untimely passing of our beloved Cameron Boyce. He always lit up a room when he entered-he was an extraordinarily talented actor, a selfless advocate with his charity work, and a loyal friend.Our hearts are heavy with sadness.
— Kevin Chamberlin (@kevinchamberlin) July 7, 2019

Heartbroken. Lost for words. I had known Cameron Boyce for many years. He was always polite. Always respectful and always a class act. In fact I was going to message him a couple weeks ago to tell him that I wanted to be in each other’s lives more.
— Gregg Sulkin (@greggsulkin) July 7, 2019

Now I wish I had sent that message. Just so he personally knew how highly I thought of him and how much admiration I had for him. My heart goes out to his family & his close friends. Cameron, you were and still are a star. May god bless you in heaven. You will be missed down here
— Gregg Sulkin (@greggsulkin) July 7, 2019

So touching — it says a lot about Boyce that, as such a young actor so early in his career, he was able to make such lasting impressions on people.
It’s horrible and unfathomable that he passed on so prematurely, but he clearly made an incredible impact on those around him before his death, and thought it may be of little solace right now, that’s something for which his family and friends can be very, very proud.
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