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If you are wondering what the heck happened in this high-profile criminal case, we may have some insight!
Apparently, a trade was made.
Justice for politics.
The person who was responsible for administering justice aspires to a higher political office.

She was told that she would only be supported by [an influential former politician] if she quashed the existing case.

So, what about the crime?

It has nothing to do with the crime. It has to do with race and politics. She was told that [the politician] was very unhappy that this case was getting so much attention. She was told that she needed to make the case go away or she could kiss her own political future goodbye.

Why did they want her to quash it?

The crime doesn’t fit the narrative of their party and it makes many people in their party look bad. Worst of all, it provides fodder for the opposing political party for the 2020 election.

So if a local crime doesn’t fit a national political narrative, it never happened? Wow.
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