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Fans React To Emmy Rossum’s Final Episode of ‘Shameless’


This post consists of spoilers about the season nine finale of “Shameless.”

Emmy Rossum is departing “Shameless”, and it is difficult to think about the show with no her.

As season nine comes to a close, so does the portion of Fiona Gallagher.

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“I was 23 when the show began, and it is been fairly exceptional the self-confidence that it is offered me,” Rossum told Entertainment Weekly. “It’s been a extended, great journey and I’m so close to my Gallagher loved ones that to stroll away is really bittersweet, but it did really feel like it was time for the character to spread her wings and that there was much less need to have for her. I by no means want anything to just really feel like a job, and so I’m leaving even though I nevertheless like it.”

Rossum says the way her character says goodbye “is really moving.”

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As for a feasible return, she says she ” would by no means close my door on the loved ones.” But adds that “quite honestly, I’m not certain what a lot more story can be told for her. I actually liked the way we ended it. But by no means say by no means.”

Fans have been preparing themselves for an emotional finale.

As the episode went on the reality began to sink in that this actually was the finish.

Then as the episode ended, fans on Twitter lost it.

Rossum also turned to Twitter to say superior-bye, calling the portion an “honour and privilege.”

As absolutely everyone was left questioning exactly where Fiona will finish up following she slipped out prior to going away celebration, showrunner John Wells told Deadline that fans will have to wait till early season 10 to obtain out promising “she’s not going to disappear from the face of the Electrical.”

The rest of The Gallaghers will return for season 10.

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