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Universal Makes Controversial Johnny Depp DISAPPEAR From Invisible Man Reboot

Remember that big Dark Universe announcement, with Tom CruiseJohnny DeppJavier BardemSofia Boutella, and Russell Crowe — all the stars of Universal Pictures‘ monster movie reboots which would interconnect into a single cinematic universe?

Yeah, none of that is happening. And not just because The Mummy was a huge flop.

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No, the studio is now officially giving the green light to remakes of the films which will stand on their own instead of trying to be Marvel Studios.

The first will be The Invisible Man, from director Leigh Whannell (Insidious 3Upgrade) and Blumhouse (Get Out, almost every horror movie in the past 5 years).

The other big news, per The Wrap‘s inside source? Johnny Depp is out!

In addition to commanding a huge paycheck — not exactly in line with Blumhouse’s ultra successful low budget formula — Depp’s profile has only grown in controversy in recent years.

Too sketchy to play a monster? Ouch.

What do YOU think about the new direction Universal is headed??

[Image via Mario Mitsis/WENN/Universal/YouTube.]

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