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Lionel Richie s Son Reportedly Threatened To Detonate Bomb At London s Heathrow Airport

Lionel Richie‘s son did NOT have a good day at Heathrow Airport in London on Saturday.

Miles Brockman Richie — pictured (above) on the right along with sisters Sofia and Nicole, and their famous father — was detained at Heathrow by the Metropolitan Police after allegedly claiming he had a bomb (?!) and then punching a security guard, according to TMZ.

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Apparently, the 24-year-old was trying to get on a flight when security stopped him for a reason that’s still unclear.

Per witnesses who spoke to the media outlet, Miles quickly became angry at being denied, and at one point during the argument, allegedly claimed he had a bomb in his bag which was going to detonate if he was NOT allowed on the plane.

(Side note: if that’s how that conversation really happened, that is, uh, some interesting logic!!!)

Anyways, security showed up soon after and Richie escalated the situation by allegedly punching one of the guards.

At that point, the Metro Police came and detained him for investigation, eventually giving him a “caution” for his actions after they determined he did NOT have a bomb in his luggage.

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(BTW: a “caution” is when a person accepts responsibility for their offense, and it goes on their permanent record, but they are not booked or charged with a crime. In the U.K., “cautions” are used to keep low-level crimes out of court as a way to un-clog the justice system.)

No public comment from Miles yet about this, but… wow!

Fortunately it sounds like police diffused the situation pretty quickly.

[Image via WENN.]

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