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Steve-O Snorted Cocaine With HIV-Infected Blood On It!

If you thought the things you’ve seen Steve-O doing were dangerous, you haven’t heard the half of it!

The Jackass star spilled all in a shocking new interview on In Depth with Graham Bensinger on Wednesday.

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Now over 10 years sober, Steve-O listed all the myriad drugs he used to take:

“My favorites were Ketamine, cocaine, nitrous oxide, PCP, of course marijuana, alcohol. Oh, I loved Xanax so much, and Valium. Never got too into meth, but I never turned it down. Had some pretty terrible experiences on magic mushrooms. Had a lot of great experiences on LSD. Like, random, weird stuff. I huffed video head cleaner. There was this weird episode where I was drinking aluminum cleaner… and that would bring about some pretty disturbing incidents.”

But the scariest by far was one particular time using cocaine.

He explains his drug dealer was also a user, one who would inject himself — and end up spurting blood around the room. Not only that, the dealer was HIV positive!

Steve-O recalls a time he showed up at his dealer’s house but couldn’t wake him up to buy drugs. But then…

“Over at the table, where he would weigh out all of his drugs, there was a very noticeable residue of cocaine. I went over to the table to scrape up a pile of cocaine to snort it, but as I had sat down looking at it, there was, of course, blood had been squirted. You could see, like, the little tiny little blood splatter on the residue. This is how desperate and pathetic my addiction was, that I sat there, like, knowingly scraping up this tainted, like, blood cocaine and I sat there and snorted it, which is so f**ked up… I snorted the blood of an intravenous drug user”

Oh man. If that isn’t rock bottom we don’t know what is!

Thankfully, Steve-O did not contract HIV and ended up turning his life around, which he celebrated on Twitter last year:

For more pure, uncut Steve-O, ch-ch-check out the full interview (below)!

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