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Closet Guy And Politics

While you already know that many politicians are hypocrites, it’s still interesting as to the lengths they will go to in order to damage another politician.

This famous politician is gay. Always has been.

The reason we don’t talk about him a lot is because, although he is in the closet, he has never of a phone in some of the trickery that other gay politicians have.

Like that female politician who married a male politician to advance her political career. Or that male politician who will engage a beard so he can run for President.

Anyway, Closet Guy dated women when he was much younger and then simply stopped. He never married or hired a beard. You might not know that he has been living with his boyfriend for more than twenty years. He refers to the boyfriend as his “housemate” and they both keep a low profile.

Some politicians on the other side, though, are now threatening to out him.

They want to criticize him for not being out and for not doing more to support the LGBT community.

It’s a slippery slope, though.

If they out someone in the opposing party, does this make them look LGBT friendly… or LGBT hostile? And if you out one of theirs… does that entitle them to out one of yours?

This could get ugly!

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[Optional] Should ALL politicians be forced out of the closet? Why or why not?

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