• President Hollywood

    This celebrity has achieved great success in Hollywood by doing it all: acting, directing, producing. Likable. Rich. They are now being pushed to run for President! But there’s a problem. Everyone keeps encouraging them to run. They would have a good chance of winning, too. There’s one huge barrier. They… Read the rest → “President Hollywood”

  • Election Did Not Swing Her Way


    November 7, 2018 Leave a Comment This female celebrity was very upset that her candidate did not win yesterday! She’s really mad [The Candidate] didn’t win. She kept saying, “That’s just not right!” However, that does not mean that she will be discouraged from participating in political support in the… Read the rest → “Election Did Not Swing Her Way”

  • Party Of Twelve

    Her husband is one of the most important political figures of our time. That automatically makes her famous as well. We always thought they had made plenty of money and were financially set for life. Which makes the following story… odd. She came into [the restaurant] as part of a… Read the rest → “Party Of Twelve”

  • Trump’s Plans For Smoothie Mustache And Beardo

    There is a little chess game that’s going on at the White House right now to position a new player to take over one of our nation’s most important jobs! Thanks to a source close to the White House, we know that a high-level shuffle has been occurring over the… Read the rest → “Trump’s Plans For Smoothie Mustache And Beardo”

  • In It To Win It

    This Presidential hopeful for 2020 knows that he needs to portray a certain image if he wants wider acceptance. So it should not be too surprising to you that he is trotting out a respectable female companion just in time for the start of his campaign! She’s no amateur either.… Read the rest → “In It To Win It”

  • The Key Person

    You may recall that there was a New York Times blind item last week about a resister who admitted to swiping papers off of President Trump’s desk to keep him from signing them. Well, Washington Post journalist Bob Woodward recently released a book about the Trump administration titled Fear… and… Read the rest → “The Key Person”

  • The Newsy Affairs

    This wild blind item involves three celebrities. We’ve talked about all three of them before, but never in this combination. This alleged incident is being buzzed about by people who were allegedly around the three celebrities at the time this allegedly happened just a few years ago. Allegedly. Newsy 1… Read the rest → “The Newsy Affairs”