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Rebel Wilson Needed To Be Rescued From An Aspen Mountain While Skiing, Oops!

Talk about a dramatic exit!

While on a ski vacay, Rebel Wilson found herself a little too ambitious on an Aspen mountain, and ended up being unable to get back down!

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The ski newbie ended up having to be rescued when she was too high up on a mountain and couldn’t get herself back down, she documented on her Instagram story:

“Alright, guys. I’m lost on the mountain, but I’m going to make it… This is a bit too experienced for me, so I’m just gonna slide down.”

Initially, she attempted to dismount with the help of her ex-BF Mickey Gooch Jr., but that didn’t go so well either, as the next video shows the Pitch Perfect star giggling as she settles into a yellow stretcher while a rescuer named Scott helps her down:

rebel wilson skiing aspenrebel wilson ski trip aspen

She was able to see the bright side of the whole situation, captioning the video #HorizontalSkiing, in reference to her character Fat Amy’s line in Pitch Perfect that she was “horizontal running,” LOLz!!

Thankfully, Rebel is all good aside from a possibly bruised ego. Don’t give up on hitting the slopes!!

[Image via Rebel Wilson/Instagram & FayesVision/WENN.]